Porcupine Ridge Mountain Bike Club is located in beautiful Bracebridge, Muskoka, Ontario.

Rated as some of the most technically challenging mountain biking trails in Ontario, Porcupine Ridge is a long standing favourite to those riders seeking to test their skills and endurance. The mountain bike park is designed, and caters to advanced and expert level riders only. Riders are rewarded for their efforts with stunning landscapes, including a bird’s eye view of Lake Muskoka, many rolling granite outcroppings, and moss carpeted woodland. Trails continually surprise with countless rock gardens, roots, drop-offs, and many man made technical trail features including bridges, teeter-totters and jumps.

The trails are maintained by volunteer club members. If you are interested in volunteering please send us a direct message on Twitter or Facebook.

The park is open May 1st to October 31st each season weather permitting.

****** DISCLAIMER ******
The Porcupine Ridge Mountain Bike Club does not warrant that the trails we ride are safe. We make no indication as to whether or not the lands that these trails occupy are private or public, and The Porcupine Ridge Mountain Bike Club bears no responsibility in this regard. Please note that mountain biking is inherently dangerous and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you may encounter unexpected traffic, poor weather, low or no trail maintenance or difficult terrain. Please use common sense and caution when riding. The Porcupine Ridge Mountain Bike Club bears no responsibility in the event of injury or death. Therefore, by riding Porcupine Ridge Mountain Bike Club trails "I Agree to this Disclaimer."



Porcupine Ridge Mountain Bike Club is a not for profit club. However, it does cost money to build features, maintain the trails and trail signage for everyones benefit. With this in mind, the club will be charging $30 for a seasons pass trail permit. To purchase your Porcupine Ridge Trail Permit, please use the Secure PayPal® payment option or buy them in person at Ecclestone Cycle in Bracebridge. Once paid, the permit tags may be picked up at Ecclestone Cycle in Bracebridge or they can be mailed to purchaser upon request. 

Click here for info and directions to Ecclestone Cyele.